Challenging MPI and the PUB Hearings

CMMG’s Lawyer Challenges Manitoba Public Insurance at Public Utilities Board Hearings.

Read the closing remarks in the attached PDF here.

MPI 2017 Traffic Collision Statistics Report

2017 Traffic Collision Statistics Report – Executive Summary
Motor vehicle collisions resulting in a fatality, injury or property damage only are required by law to be reported to either a law enforcement agency and/or to Manitoba Public Insurance. Subsequently, a Traffic Accident Report (TAR) for the collision is created. The Traffic Collision Statistics Report deals with these reportable collisions and the TARs arising from them.

The Traffic Collision Statistics Report is the official report of traffic collision statistics in Manitoba. It reports the details surrounding traffic collisions in Manitoba, allowing users to analyze the reasons why collisions occur. Knowing more about collisions helps policy makers, traffic safety experts, public safety programmers and legislators to pinpoint areas for review and create targeted approaches to preventing and reducing traffic collisions.

Due to amendments to the Highway Traffic Act that took effect in 2011, this report uses two sources for Traffic Accident Reports (TARs); TARs completed by a law enforcement agency and TARs completed when a collision claim is registered with Manitoba Public Insurance. This change resulted in an increase in minimal injury and property damage only (PDO) collisions in the Traffic Accident Report Database that had previously been underreported.

The following is a presentation of the key highlights of this report for 2017.

Click the following URL to download a PDF of the report directly from MPI.

MPI General Rate Application Hearing

Public Utilities Board

October 5 & 6, 2017

Download and read both PDF’s containing CMMG lawyer Raymond Oakes cross examination of Ward Keith. It starts on page 122 (749).

THE CHAIRPERSON: Good afternoon, Mr. Oakes…?

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Just before I start, I’d like to acknowledge, if I can, the graciousness of my colleague to the right, Mr. Williams, who is allowing me to not only go first this afternoon, but apparently tomorrow morning as well. It’s good to know that he’s still grounded despite his rising prominence in the highest court in the land.

THE CHAIRPERSON: Mr. Oakes, you mean Dr. Williams.

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Yes. And Mr. Ward Keith, I also have a couple of lumps of sugar for you. I want to thank you for your direct evidence this morning. We’re very pleased to hear from someone with the dedication, professionalism and competence that you exhibit in these areas. It’s, I think, obvious to all those in the room and should be obvious to all Manitobans. So thank you for that.

MR. WARD KEITH: Thank you.

Part 1

Part 2

2017-2018 MPI PUB Hearing – CMMG Transcript

CMMG lawyer Raymond Oakes recently presented at the Manitoba PUB hearings on October 19, 2016 and October 25, 2016 regarding MPI. Below are the links to download the full PDF transcripts from the PUB site. They are quite long and in dept (too long to post here) but very much worth the read.

CMMG recommends everyone give these a good read as there is some great information and it really shows just how much work Mr. Oakes is putting into the fight on CMMG’s behalf.

October 19, PUB hearing – CMMG Transcript – Link

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And we see in 
21 those two Roman numerals, I and II, further 
22 explanation of the general statement about the 
23 increase driven by higher claim costs and a negative 
24 financial climate. And there, Mr. Johnston, you see 
25 that they're further described as: 
1 " increase in comprehensive 
2 claims forecast driven by higher 
3 than expected hail claims, and 
4 overall -- and higher overall 
5 comprehensive severity growth in 
6 2015/'16." 
7 Do you see that as the corp – 
8 Corporation's rationale? 
10 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And then secondly 
11 the other item, the deterioration in forecasted 
12 investment income. Is that correct, sir? 1
3 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: That's correct. 
14 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: So just staying 
15 with that first bullet then, you'll agree with me that 
16 this rationale doesn't relate to the need to extract 
17 more money from motorcyclists. 
18 Is that correct? 
19 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: The first bullet 
20 point on comprehensive claims, motor -- motorcycles do 
21 not have comprehensive coverage as part of Basic, so, 
22 correct, this is unrelated to motorcycles. 
23 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And certainly the 
24 motorcycles aren -- aren't out in wintertime. And 
25 their experience, their losses, are mostly PIPP and 
1 not physical damage. 
2 Is that correct, sir? 
3 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: That's correct. 
4 Injury claims are about 85 percent of their loss 
5 costs.

October 25, PUB hearing – CMMG Transcript – Link

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Thank you for
25 that. If we can take a peak at CMMG Exhibit number
1 10, and last year we'd asked the Corporation to
2 compare the budgeted amounts for wildlife collision
3 initiatives with seatbelt and distracted driving
4 safety initiatives by comparing the budgeted amounts
5 for each of these road safety concerns with the
6 estimated losses.
7 The Corporation responded that that was
8 not possible at that time. The Corporation had
9 tentative plans in 2016/'17 for a costing study that
10 may be used for, or in the future for estimating the
11 losses attributed to distracted driving.
12 Where are we at with respect to being
13 able to answer that question, and the budgeted amounts
14 for those initiatives?

Manitoba Motorcycle Insurance Rate Drops 7.6% in 2016

ratedropThe PUB has recently approved of a Manitoba motorcycle insurance rate drop of 7.6% effective March 2016. Combined with the rate drop in 2015 this means that the CMMG has helped Manitoba motorcyclists reduce their insurance premiums by 15% in just the last 2 years and close to 30% in the last 5. This is a significant achievement and the CMMG has worked hard to get this done to the benefit of all riders.

The CMMG is a small group that is making a big difference in Manitoba that is reflected on your motorcycle premiums. This difference is made possible by the volunteers to devote their time and energy into fighting the broken system and working for change. But most of all it is made possible by the support of it’s members. Without the members there is no CMMG and with no CMMG there is no one left to fight MPI.

If your not a member of the CMMG, please consider joining. The cost is small, the benefits are huge. For as little as $25 a year you can help further the fight for lower insurance rates and more.

New Manitoba insurance option for motorcycles

Manitoba motorcycle owners will have more options when they purchase insurance, Manitoba Public Insurance announced today.

“We are committed to working positively with the motorcycle community,” said Ward Keith, acting Vice-President, Business Development, Communications & Chief Product Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance. “Given the increase in the number of registered motorcycles and mopeds, and ongoing dialogue with motorcyclists through the Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups, (CMMG), the Corporation initiated these new products to address the insurance needs of the motorcycle community in Manitoba. “The new products will provide motorcycle owners with greater peace of mind and added convenience in the event of a collision. This is a positive step forward for motorcycle owners in our province.”

Available Monday, May 4, motorcycle owners will be able to purchase the following new products from their Autopac agent:

  • Rental Vehicle Insurance
  • Extension Loss of Use
  • Excess Value Coverage
  • New and Leased Vehicle Protection Extension Insurance

CMMG President Brian Segal said today’s announcement is a positive step forward for all motorcycle owners. “Our advocacy efforts are once again showing results,” said Segal. “Motorcyclists will now have extension insurance products on par with those of automobiles. CMMG is pleased to have been instrumental in making them available for motorcyclists.”




6.8 per cent overall average rate decrease proposed by Manitoba Public Insurance

More than 900,000 Manitoba vehicles will have reduced Basic auto insurance premiums next year if the Public Utilities Board approves the latest rate application from Manitoba Public Insurance.

In its general insurance rate application filed with the Public Utilities Board today, Manitobas auto insurer proposed an overall average 6.8 per cent decrease in premium revenue for the 2012/13 insurance year.

Our record of rate stability is unparalleled, having held the line or reduced rates 13 of the last 14 years, Manitoba Public Insurances President and Chief Executive Officer Marilyn McLaren said today.

This proposed reduction was possible in large part to a reduction in injury claims costs, continued reduced theft costs and enhanced operational efficiency. Recently, an external appointed actuary adjusted the expected future cost of long-term injury claims downward by approximately 20 percent.

This adjustment resulted in a surplus of $250 million which was returned to Manitobans. This adjustment in past, long-term claims also impacted future forecasts which is largely responsible for the proposed decreased future revenue requirements.

If the application is approved by the Public Utilities Board, 905,610 (91 per cent) vehicles receive reductions in their basic compulsory coverage next year, while 69,186 vehicles (7 per cent) will remain the same while 15,660 (2 per cent) policies will be increased. Most increases will be less than $50.


Major Use

Applied for Rate Changes

Private Passenger










Off Road Vehicles


Overall (applied for)


The proposed rates would be effective March 1, 2012, but because renewal dates are staggered, some vehicle owners wouldnt pay the new rates until February 28, 2013.

The average premium family passenger vehicles will be $836, down $61 from the 2011/12 rates.

Motorcycle Rates

The corporation has requested a 10.3 per cent overall average decrease to motorcycle rates. Motorcycles see a larger average decrease than other vehicles because a greater proportion of their rate is for injury claims. In total, 9,342 motorcycle owners will see a decrease in their premium. Of the motorcycles increasing in rate, most are mopeds which will see their average rate increase from $204 to $249.

Annual Report

Manitoba Public Insurance also released its 2010 Annual Report this week. The report demonstrates the companys current financial strength and ability to continue to deliver the value Manitobans expect.

Manitoba Public Insurance reported a net loss after surplus distribution of $22.3 million. Investment income of $100.7 million helped reduce the cost of the average Basic Autopac premium by $96. The Basic plan also surpassed its goals by providing claimants with 86 cents in benefits for every $1 in premium significantly better than the national average and Basics operating costs are 53 per cent of the Canadian industry average.

Manitoba Public Insurance realized these achievements without sacrificing customer service. In 2010, the company met or exceeded corporate-wide customer service standards 96 per cent of the time.

Last year, Manitobans filed an average of 1,079 claims every working day. This represents about $2.3 million in claims every working day.



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