CMMG General Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016
Marion Hotel

1 – Call to order

  • Brian called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

2 – Roll call

  • All CMMG Board members were present at the general meeting.

3 – Verify Quorum

  • Quorum Verified; 4 Executive and 4 Directors

4 – Adoption of Agenda

  • Brian amended the agenda to reflect that we would be adopting the minutes from the November 4th General meeting as well as the minutes from the February General meeting.
  • Moved, as amended, by Mary J. and seconded by Theo.

5 – Guests & Delegates

  • Blair

6 – Adoption of Minutes from last General Meeting

  • November 4th minutes moved by Dave G. and seconded by Greg P.
  • February 10th minutes moved by Doug H. and seconded by Lynn P.

7 – Business arising from minutes

  • Doug has been working on getting the Ride Guide done in time for World of Wheels
  • Mary J. brought up the Harassment Policy and Brian gave an explanation of what the Board has discussed and stated that hopefully the Board will have a completed policy to bring forth at the General meeting in April.

8 – Announcements

  • David L. gave a brief announcement with regards to the ride that he is organizing for Project new Hope. The event will be included in the CMMG Ride Guide.

9 – Executive Committee Reports

  • President’s Report:
  • Vice-President’s Report:
  • Treasurer’s Report: Printed report provided at the meeting.
  • Secretary’s Report: 2 pieces of mail were picked up and delivered to

10– Director’s Reports

  • Doug H.: See Public Relations report.
  • Dave G.: No report.
  • Kris G.: Kris is continuing to work with Mike McComb out at Adventure Power Sports to set up a Toy run in October.
  • Myles O.: See Webmaster’s report.

11 – Committee Reports

  • Membership: The new 2016 pins are in and memberships are due as of April
  • Newsletter: This is meant more for the dealers than the membership and seems to be sliding a little bit every year. Brian suggested that maybe the newsletter should consist of an explanation of the CMMG’s objectives for the year as well as thanking the dealers and clubs that attended the dealer and club meeting. Greg also suggested that Myles post a thank you on the website.
  • Dealer Liaison: Brian went to Headingly Sport and arranged to have an Indian Chieftain to have displayed at the CMMG booth at World of Wheels.
  • Club Liaison: Bond Slave swap meet is this coming Saturday. The GOC would also like to thank everybody that attended their Bud Spud and Steak fundraiser last weekend. The GOC successfully raised about $7,500.
  • Webmaster: Myles received the list of rides from Doug and will be updating the website over the next week.
  • Public Relations: Doug went and assisted with a publicity photo shoot with MPI. Doug also brought up some concerns with MPI, with regards to the way that accidents are assessed by MPI. He used his own accident from last year as an example. He also forwarded a copy of the video that Ryan Evens took last spring when he was almost run off the road. The new membership pins are in and Doug has rounded out the merchandise so that there is one of every size for World of Wheels. Doug also brought a couple of samples of some new merchandise that he ordered.
  • Phone Line: No calls for the previous month. Brian will update the message to reflect the events and meetings during the month of March.
  • MCC: The MCC is continuing with their efforts with regards to getting a National Motorcycle Safety month. They are also trying to include the off road vehicles in their efforts.
  • Women’s Riders Council: Mary reported that they are still waiting on the Board to finish the Harassment Policy. She also stated that the National Board had received interest in one of the openings available and that they are waiting on the MCC Board to finalize that. Mary also presented a “Thank You” gift to Linda for all the years that she has put into the CMMG and for her support for the Women’s Riders Council. Brian also asked Myles to set up a section devoted to the Women’s Riders Council to assist in their visibility.

12 – Unfinished Business

  • World of Wheels: Doug still has some blank spots for volunteers for World of Wheels. Brian is going to purchase any extra passes that are needed for the volunteers that will be helping out. An email will be sent to all volunteers with an explanation of how and where to pick up these passes. Doug was able to get the required license for the 50/50 draw.
  • Dealer and Club Meeting: Brian reported that the meeting seemed to go very well. The preliminary Ride Guide will be available at World of Wheels and there will be a revised edition in a different colour if needed.

13 – New Business

  • Doug brought up the question of where we will be having registration for the September Poker Derby. It was suggested that it be held at Adventure Power Sports in Iles de Chaines. It was ultimate decided to call Jill Ruth at Headingly Sport and ask her first as Adventure is planning the toy run in October.
  • Linda shared her gift from the Women’s Riders Council.

14 – Upcoming meetings and events

  • Board Meeting: March 23rd
  • General Meeting: April 13th
  • World of Wheels March 18th – 20th
  • TSMVA Night at the Horse races March 12th
  • Bond Slave Swap Meet March 12th

15 – Adjournment

  • Theo motioned for adjournment and Kris seconded @ 8:08 pm.

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