Sadie Grimm Fundraiser Ride – Sunday June 12

Ride start is at the Legion on Henderson 215 Maxwell King Drive – registration between 10-11am. Ride ends near Petersfield at Hunts Roadhouse- between 3-5pm. Pork on a bun is $15 and Bring your own drinks. Live music by the Rob Barg Band. More info here:

Ride is rain or shine! If it’s raining feel free to take your car or truck!

April 23 Wine Draw!

Challenging MPI and the PUB Hearings

CMMG’s Lawyer Challenges Manitoba Public Insurance at Public Utilities Board Hearings.

Read the closing remarks in the attached PDF here.


(paraphrased from MCC Motorcycling News)

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups (CMMG) and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada’s (MCC) remind us that we all have a responsibility to help keep each other safe on our roads.

Last year’s message to riders and drivers was that “motorcycle safety is everyone’s responsibility”.

For 2021 we encourage all on-road and off-road users to “Watch Out For Each Other”. Everyone needs to double down on being safe.” This year, more than ever, none of us wants to end up in the emergency room and burdening our healthcare systems with a preventable injury.

As always, motorists are reminded to Watch Out for motorcycles. May is the start of peak riding season and there are more motorcycles on our city streets, country roads, and highways. Take a second look to better judge the speed and distance of a motorcyclist in your vicinity. Always check mirrors and blind spots, especially before turning or changing lanes. Allow extra room to avoid cutting off a motorcyclist and allow extra space when driving behind a motorcycle. Riders need to “Watch Out For Each Other” too. Motorcycling’s popularity is increasing. If you’re an experienced rider, you can “Watch Out” for new riders by encouraging them to ride safely, ride within their skill limits, and according to the road conditions. Encourage them to wear “All the gear, all the time”. Most importantly, “Watch Out for yourself”.

For more information and safety posters, visit to access and download the latest 2021 Safety Awareness Month logo and graphics and help spread the importance of motorcycle safety.


Thanks to CMMG, you have now received 2 rebates on your motorcycle premiums and a reduction of 2021-22 premium increases. This has probably saved you hundreds of dollars this year alone!

Last year, Manitoba Public Insurance(MPI) argued that Motorcycles would not be eligible for all rebates. CMMG twice challenged this rebate methodology before the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and PUB ordered that all premium rebates be available for motorcycles. As well, at last year’s 2021 rate application before PUB, CMMG’s solicitor successfully challenged MPI’s methodology that would result in a 4.7% premium increase for motorcycles. Again, PUB ruled in CMMG’s favour, removing these changes and reducing the overall increase to 1.74%. Still too much though!

CMMG has been advocating for safe and affordable motorcycling since 1993. Ongoing Covid19 restrictions have limited our normal fundraising activities. Your membership is essential in providing CMMG the means to covers its basic overhead costs and pursue its ongoing initiatives in reducing motorcycle insurance premiums and advocating for legislative reforms and expanded safety programs.

If you’ve never been a member, please consider joining. If you’re already a member or a past member, we encourage you to rejoin again for 2021. We’ve had many past successes, but the challenge is ongoing.

CMMG’s past achievements include:

  • Province-wide representation
  • Official Intervener status at Public Utilities Board Hearings on Autopac rates
  • Motorcycle Training Awareness and Safety Programs
  • Fire and Theft insurance reduced by over 80%
  • Basic rates reduced by 30%.
  • Custom license plates and plates that fit
  • Loss Transfer with Seasonally adjusted rates
  • Comprehensive coverage including new vehicle protection, rental, and loss of use coverage
  • Lower Sport Touring Rates
  • Participating member on MPI and Government safety committees
  • Input into reforms to Provincial Motorcycle Equipment Inspection Standards

CMMG Membership is $25 ($100 5yrs) for an individual and $35 ($140 5yrs) for a family member at the same address, plus $10 ($40 5yr) for any additional family members). Associate $60 (non-voting). Affiliate $35 (non-voting).

You can sign up at any CMMG event, online here, or print this form and mail it in.

2020 AGM Cancellation

Due to Dovid19 restrictions CMMG will not be able to hold its 2020 Annual General Meeting, the election of officers, and will postpone the meeting until January 2021.  If current restrictions do not change the CMMG Board will investigate the possibility of holding a virtual meeting that provides voting for all our members.

Section 9.6 of our constitution provides:
Where due to unforeseen circumstances, the Annual General Meeting cannot be held prior to the year-end in which the current officers/directors hold office, the current officers/directors shall remain in office until the Annual General Meeting, which shall be held as soon as possible in the new year.  Newly elected officers/directors shall take office at the adjournment of said Annual General Meeting.

Public Utilities Board

In the meantime, we are awaiting a decision from the Public Utilities Board regarding our challenge to MPI’s proposed 2021-22 motorcycle premiums. The hearing began October 19th and just this past Thursday, our solicitor Charlotte Meek presented her closing arguments to the Board.

Drivers should be revved for possible insurance-rate cut

By: Carol Sanders | Winnipeg Free Press | Full Article

Another concern of the consumers association is that lowest risk-Manitoba drivers and vehicle owners appear to be paying substantially more in premiums than is justified by the risk they bring to the system, Williams said. So, too, is the Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups, representing the only drivers facing a rate increase in the application. It has intervener status at the PUB hearing.

“Car owners and motorcycle owners transfer ownership to other people with better driving records to avoid high rates,” motorcycle coalition president Doug Houghton said in an interview.

The MPI general rate application would jack up motorcycle insurance rates by 4.7 per cent while lowering private passenger rates by 9.4 per cent. Motorcycle rates were bumped up by 5.1 per cent just last year, said Houghton. He’s been riding for more than 50 years, and notes safety training and awareness have made it safer than ever.

“Why is it that, in spite of motorcycles declining accident frequency, motorcycle premiums are increasing again at a much greater rate than automobiles?” he said.

The above content is part of an article posted in the Winnipeg Free Press on 10/19/2020 regarding MPI rates in which Doug Houston spoke on behalf of the CMMG and Manitoba motorcyclists as a whole. Only his message is shown, the full article can be read via the Winnipeg Free Press here.

CMMG 2020 – 50/50 POKER DERBY


Please Respect Social Distancing

Keeping it simple this year – less handling, fewer line ups & less waiting. Just a fun ride and a chance to win your money back. Instead of poker cards buy 50/50 tickets at 10 tickets for $10 (Lottery Licence LGCA-10474-SOR).

Drop off some of your tickets at each of three drop off locations:
Airliner Drive Inn, Beausejour, La Broquerie Hotel & Ile des Chenes hotel.

Choose whatever combination of tickets you want to leave at each location. (eg. 3, 3 and 4 or 3, 4 and 3 or 2, 2 and 6 etc.). You’re now entered for 3 separate draws later on at the Marion Hotel. All tickets must be deposited at drop off locations by 3:00 pm.

Food available at all locations. LaBroquerie and Ile des Chenes Hotels have restaurants.

For information or to volunteer contact:

May 2020 Declared as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Manitoba

Due to Covid-19 restrictions CMMG was unable to hold its annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Rally at the Manitoba Legislature and hear the Minister of Infrastructure Declare “May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Manitoba”

In Lieu of the Rally The Honourable Ron Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure has kindly agreed to provide the proclamation by video. This video should be on his Twitter account and on this CMMG Facebook site if I load it properly.

Doug Houghton, President CMMG

Thanks to CMMG, Motorcyclists will now receive COVID-19 rebates.

CMMG, successfully challenged Manitoba Public Insurance’s (MPI’S) rebate methodology and on May 1st, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) ruled that it would not be just and reasonable to exclude motorcycles from this rebate. The initial $50 million rebate would be available to motorcyclists, based on active policies during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Even though most seasonally adjusted policies in effect all year, MPI argued that they would not be eligible for the additional $60 million as motorcycle policies would not be “active” as of March 15 this year.


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Cancelled Until Further Notice
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CMMG will now hold its AGM on ZOOM, Thursday February 25

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