MPI General Rate Application Hearing

Public Utilities Board

October 5 & 6, 2017

Download and read both PDF’s containing CMMG lawyer Raymond Oakes cross examination of Ward Keith. It starts on page 122 (749).

THE CHAIRPERSON: Good afternoon, Mr. Oakes…?

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Just before I start, I’d like to acknowledge, if I can, the graciousness of my colleague to the right, Mr. Williams, who is allowing me to not only go first this afternoon, but apparently tomorrow morning as well. It’s good to know that he’s still grounded despite his rising prominence in the highest court in the land.

THE CHAIRPERSON: Mr. Oakes, you mean Dr. Williams.

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Yes. And Mr. Ward Keith, I also have a couple of lumps of sugar for you. I want to thank you for your direct evidence this morning. We’re very pleased to hear from someone with the dedication, professionalism and competence that you exhibit in these areas. It’s, I think, obvious to all those in the room and should be obvious to all Manitobans. So thank you for that.

MR. WARD KEITH: Thank you.

Part 1

Part 2

CMMG 2017 Poker Derby

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017

(Rain Date: Sept. 24,2017)

Registration: 9:30 – 11:00 am
Harley Davidson Winnipeg

Stops in Beausejour, Lac Du Bonnet, Anola
Final Stop at Frantz Motor Inn Steinbach


For info phone Doug at 204-268-5406 or email or visit

CMMG’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Rally and Poker Derby

CMMG’s MOTORCYCLE SAFETY AWARENESS RALLY and POKER DERBY will be held again this year on Saturday May 6th. (Rain / Snow Date May 13th)

Registration: 11 am at Manitoba Legislature

Free Poker Derby – $500 in Prizes – Free Draws – Free Rally Pins

Celebrate International Female Ride Day

Short Runs Between Stops – Moped Friendly Routes

Guest Speakers include Winnipeg Minister of Infrastructure, Chief of Police, Safety Services Manitoba, and Manitoba Public Insurance.

All Motorcyclists Welcome

For information Contact: or PH.204-268-5406






Alberta Fires Six Month Donor Update

In late January 2017 the CMMG received a letter from the Canadian Red Cross regarding the donation made by CMMG members in 2016 to help with the Alberta Fires in For MacMurray. Below is the letter we received. You can download a PDF of the brochure that accompanied the letter from here.

November 23, 2016

Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle groups
A109-1345 Niakwa Road
Winnipeg, MB  R2J 3T3

Subject: Alberta Fires Six Month Donor Update

Dear Friends of the Red Cross,

There are thousands of stories that have come out of the ashes of For McMurray. Everett’s is just one of them. Everett received help from the Canadian Red Cross after he returned home to find that the fire had consumed everything he held dear.

Your fundraising efforts in support of the Alberta Fires appeal ensure that the Red Cross is able to support people impacted by the worst domestic disaster in Canadian history. Your thoughtfulness ensures those affected have shelter, food, and even work-related equipment such as tools, so they can return to work once it is safe to do so.

Please find enclosed your copy of the Alberta Fires Six Donor Month Update. In it you will learn how your generosity is helping to restore hope to Everett and thousands like him who lost so much in the fire.

You will also see how your support is going to small businesses and local organizations that are so important to the health and resiliency of any community after a disaster.

I can’t thank you enough for the role you are playing in the releif and recovery operations in Alberta. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Ronan ryan

Chief Development Officer

Canadian Red Cross

“Celebrating Sadie Grimm” Motorcycle Ride and Celebration

Sadie Grimm

We are inviting everyone to join the MB WRC in the “Celebrating Sadie Grimm” Motorcycle Ride and Celebration. It’s on Sunday June 11, 2017 starting at Headingley Sport Shop between 10 AM and 11 AM and ends with a celebration at the bandstand on Winnipeg Beach at 3 PM with reserved motorcycle parking on the main street, use of the bandstand and a live band provided by Town of Winnipeg Beach.

Please pre-register on Its listed under “Outdoor and Travel“. Pre-registration is $20.00. Registration on event day, June 11, will be $25.00. Donations also welcome. All proceeds are going to erect a permanent structure for motorcyclists and the public in Winnipeg Beach. Work is in progress for approval of a covered picnic area and a metal motorcycle sculpture.

Rain or shine, use 4 wheels if you feel its not safe to ride. If you are unable to participate in the ride join us at 3 PM at the bandstand in Winnipeg Beach.

Who is Sadie Grimm? Sadie Grimm is the young woman who made history in 1914 by being the first woman to reach Winnipeg Beach, beating out many who tried the ride before her. Not too many roads back then and she was participating in the Antique Motorcycle Clubs Enduro ride. She got the gold! Descendants of hers are joining us in the ride and at Winnipeg Beach!

Thank you to Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba for kick starting the research and interest i Sadie Grimm in 2015 and to Carolyn and Paul Peters for all their research that has made this event a reality.

Thank you once again to CMMG for the great support they demonstrate for women riders and their enjoyment of the sport as well as their continued work towards a safer world for motorcyclists and reasonably priced quality insurance rates. Heads up everyone. To register or donate to the celebrating of Sadie Grimm Gold Medal Victory Ride on June 11, 2017, click here.


Sun, June 11, 2017
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT


Headingley Sport Shop
5160 Portage Avenue
Headingley, MB


Winnipeg Beach Bandstand
Town of Winnipeg Beach

2017-2018 MPI PUB Hearing – CMMG Transcript

CMMG lawyer Raymond Oakes recently presented at the Manitoba PUB hearings on October 19, 2016 and October 25, 2016 regarding MPI. Below are the links to download the full PDF transcripts from the PUB site. They are quite long and in dept (too long to post here) but very much worth the read.

CMMG recommends everyone give these a good read as there is some great information and it really shows just how much work Mr. Oakes is putting into the fight on CMMG’s behalf.

October 19, PUB hearing – CMMG Transcript – Link

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And we see in 
21 those two Roman numerals, I and II, further 
22 explanation of the general statement about the 
23 increase driven by higher claim costs and a negative 
24 financial climate. And there, Mr. Johnston, you see 
25 that they're further described as: 
1 " increase in comprehensive 
2 claims forecast driven by higher 
3 than expected hail claims, and 
4 overall -- and higher overall 
5 comprehensive severity growth in 
6 2015/'16." 
7 Do you see that as the corp – 
8 Corporation's rationale? 
10 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And then secondly 
11 the other item, the deterioration in forecasted 
12 investment income. Is that correct, sir? 1
3 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: That's correct. 
14 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: So just staying 
15 with that first bullet then, you'll agree with me that 
16 this rationale doesn't relate to the need to extract 
17 more money from motorcyclists. 
18 Is that correct? 
19 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: The first bullet 
20 point on comprehensive claims, motor -- motorcycles do 
21 not have comprehensive coverage as part of Basic, so, 
22 correct, this is unrelated to motorcycles. 
23 MR. RAYMOND OAKES: And certainly the 
24 motorcycles aren -- aren't out in wintertime. And 
25 their experience, their losses, are mostly PIPP and 
1 not physical damage. 
2 Is that correct, sir? 
3 MR. LUKE JOHNSTON: That's correct. 
4 Injury claims are about 85 percent of their loss 
5 costs.

October 25, PUB hearing – CMMG Transcript – Link

MR. RAYMOND OAKES: Thank you for
25 that. If we can take a peak at CMMG Exhibit number
1 10, and last year we'd asked the Corporation to
2 compare the budgeted amounts for wildlife collision
3 initiatives with seatbelt and distracted driving
4 safety initiatives by comparing the budgeted amounts
5 for each of these road safety concerns with the
6 estimated losses.
7 The Corporation responded that that was
8 not possible at that time. The Corporation had
9 tentative plans in 2016/'17 for a costing study that
10 may be used for, or in the future for estimating the
11 losses attributed to distracted driving.
12 Where are we at with respect to being
13 able to answer that question, and the budgeted amounts
14 for those initiatives?

Retraction – March 9, 2016

CMMG erroneously reported in its March 9th Minutes that “There will be a new Harley Davidson Dealership opening in Whyteridge”. This was not a matter of new business, but a rumour announced by a member, which has since been found to be unfounded and unsubstantiated. It has been removed from the website and replaced by amended minutes. CMMG apologizes to Harley Davidson Winnipeg for any embarrassment or concern that it has caused.

CMMG General Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016
Marion Hotel

1 – Call to order

  • Brian called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

2 – Roll call

  • All CMMG Board members were present at the general meeting.

3 – Verify Quorum

  • Quorum Verified; 4 Executive and 4 Directors

4 – Adoption of Agenda

  • Brian amended the agenda to reflect that we would be adopting the minutes from the November 4th General meeting as well as the minutes from the February General meeting.
  • Moved, as amended, by Mary J. and seconded by Theo.

5 – Guests & Delegates

  • Blair

6 – Adoption of Minutes from last General Meeting

  • November 4th minutes moved by Dave G. and seconded by Greg P.
  • February 10th minutes moved by Doug H. and seconded by Lynn P.

7 – Business arising from minutes

  • Doug has been working on getting the Ride Guide done in time for World of Wheels
  • Mary J. brought up the Harassment Policy and Brian gave an explanation of what the Board has discussed and stated that hopefully the Board will have a completed policy to bring forth at the General meeting in April.

8 – Announcements

  • David L. gave a brief announcement with regards to the ride that he is organizing for Project new Hope. The event will be included in the CMMG Ride Guide.

9 – Executive Committee Reports

  • President’s Report:
  • Vice-President’s Report:
  • Treasurer’s Report: Printed report provided at the meeting.
  • Secretary’s Report: 2 pieces of mail were picked up and delivered to

10– Director’s Reports

  • Doug H.: See Public Relations report.
  • Dave G.: No report.
  • Kris G.: Kris is continuing to work with Mike McComb out at Adventure Power Sports to set up a Toy run in October.
  • Myles O.: See Webmaster’s report.

11 – Committee Reports

  • Membership: The new 2016 pins are in and memberships are due as of April
  • Newsletter: This is meant more for the dealers than the membership and seems to be sliding a little bit every year. Brian suggested that maybe the newsletter should consist of an explanation of the CMMG’s objectives for the year as well as thanking the dealers and clubs that attended the dealer and club meeting. Greg also suggested that Myles post a thank you on the website.
  • Dealer Liaison: Brian went to Headingly Sport and arranged to have an Indian Chieftain to have displayed at the CMMG booth at World of Wheels.
  • Club Liaison: Bond Slave swap meet is this coming Saturday. The GOC would also like to thank everybody that attended their Bud Spud and Steak fundraiser last weekend. The GOC successfully raised about $7,500.
  • Webmaster: Myles received the list of rides from Doug and will be updating the website over the next week.
  • Public Relations: Doug went and assisted with a publicity photo shoot with MPI. Doug also brought up some concerns with MPI, with regards to the way that accidents are assessed by MPI. He used his own accident from last year as an example. He also forwarded a copy of the video that Ryan Evens took last spring when he was almost run off the road. The new membership pins are in and Doug has rounded out the merchandise so that there is one of every size for World of Wheels. Doug also brought a couple of samples of some new merchandise that he ordered.
  • Phone Line: No calls for the previous month. Brian will update the message to reflect the events and meetings during the month of March.
  • MCC: The MCC is continuing with their efforts with regards to getting a National Motorcycle Safety month. They are also trying to include the off road vehicles in their efforts.
  • Women’s Riders Council: Mary reported that they are still waiting on the Board to finish the Harassment Policy. She also stated that the National Board had received interest in one of the openings available and that they are waiting on the MCC Board to finalize that. Mary also presented a “Thank You” gift to Linda for all the years that she has put into the CMMG and for her support for the Women’s Riders Council. Brian also asked Myles to set up a section devoted to the Women’s Riders Council to assist in their visibility.

12 – Unfinished Business

  • World of Wheels: Doug still has some blank spots for volunteers for World of Wheels. Brian is going to purchase any extra passes that are needed for the volunteers that will be helping out. An email will be sent to all volunteers with an explanation of how and where to pick up these passes. Doug was able to get the required license for the 50/50 draw.
  • Dealer and Club Meeting: Brian reported that the meeting seemed to go very well. The preliminary Ride Guide will be available at World of Wheels and there will be a revised edition in a different colour if needed.

13 – New Business

  • Doug brought up the question of where we will be having registration for the September Poker Derby. It was suggested that it be held at Adventure Power Sports in Iles de Chaines. It was ultimate decided to call Jill Ruth at Headingly Sport and ask her first as Adventure is planning the toy run in October.
  • Linda shared her gift from the Women’s Riders Council.

14 – Upcoming meetings and events

  • Board Meeting: March 23rd
  • General Meeting: April 13th
  • World of Wheels March 18th – 20th
  • TSMVA Night at the Horse races March 12th
  • Bond Slave Swap Meet March 12th

15 – Adjournment

  • Theo motioned for adjournment and Kris seconded @ 8:08 pm.

2016 CMMG Motorcycle Safety Awareness Rally

2016-POSTER-REVMay is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Registration: Saturday May 7, 2016 @ 11 am – Manitoba Legislature

  • Free Poker Derby with $500 in Prizes
  • Free Draws – Free Rally Pins
  • Short Runs Between Stops
  • Scooter Friendly Routes
  • Guest Speakers
  • All Motorcyclists Welcome
  • Celebrate International Female Ride Day


Some of you may get this invitation twice, but we don’t want to miss anyone. All riders are invited to this weekends Safety Awareness Rally and Poker Derby at the Manitoba legislature.

This is a great time to let Manitoba motorists know “that Motorcycles are once again on the road”. If you can help out, just email Doug at the address below. Send this invitation to all your riding friends as well.

See details below.
Doug Houghton, CMMG Director

CMMG General Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2016

CMMG General Meeting

February 10, 2016
Marion Hotel

1: Call to order

  • Brian called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm

2: Roll call: All CMMG Board members were present at the general meeting.

3: Verify Quorum

  • Quorum Verified

4: Adoption of Agenda

  • Moved by Dave Gibson and seconded by Brenda W.

5: Guests and dignitaries

  • There were 4 guests present: Estelle B., Aliesha D., Jazmyn-Rae D., and Brian U..

6: Adoption of Minutes

  • Ruth-Ann read out the minutes from the previous meeting.
  • Linda brought up the fact that the minutes that Doug read out at the January meeting were in fact the minutes from the November board meeting instead of the general meeting.

  • Doug moved that the minutes be adopted as corrected and Linda seconded.

7: Business arising from minutes

  • Brian has yet to contact HD Winnipeg with regards to having a motorcycle to display at the CMMG booth at World of Wheels.
  • Robyn is working on getting the CMMG the “best spot” at world of wheels.

8: Executive Committee Reports

  • President’s Report: No official report
  • Vice- President’s Report: No Report
  • Treasurer’s Report: Printed report provided at the meeting.
  • Secretary’s Report: No report

10: Director’s Reports

  • Doug H.: Doug reported on the General Stakeholders meeting for MPI on January 15th. The main portion of the meeting focused on the safety awareness programs for the year. This year’s focus will be on male drivers, impairment, distraction, and speed. They want to build up a social media presence and get out to the rural areas more. They also want to look into doing roadside surveys on impairment (the details of which still need to be worked out). They also want to start including bicycle safety training in the schools. Motorcycle safety of course was discussed and will continue as before. MPI has also started a signage campaign at high accident intersections. MPI is also going to be making different statistics available on their website. MPI had scheduled their motorcycle safety campaign slotted for June and Doug suggested that they move it up to May and that MPI should start advertising the training courses starting in March and April. The membership pins have been ordered and Doug showed everybody a sample of what this year’s pin would look like. Doug also took names for volunteers for World of Wheels. Doug also reported an update on the MCC. Doug went through some of the stuff that the MCC has done in the last year in their attempts to make May a national motorcycle safety month. The MCC is still working on the blank posters for this year. Doug will update when new information becomes available. Doug has also received a new order of merchandise and will be putting in another one in the near future.
  • Dave G.: No report
  • Kris G.: No Report
  • Myles O.: No Report

11: Committee Reports

  • Membership: Cheryl is still working on a database that would allow the CMMG to move to a 365 membership as opposed to a 1 year membership.
  • Newsletter: No Report
  • Dealer Liaison: Kris spoke with Mike McComb from Adventure Powersports in Iles De Chaines and Mike has expressed an interest in hosting the CMMG for a General Meeting.
  • Club Liaison: The Tri-Service Veteran’s Group is holding an evening at the Horse Races on March 12th at the ANAVETS #283 out on West Portage ave. The GOC is holding their annual Bud, Spud and Steak fundraiser at Cowboys on March 5th. Most of the clubs are starting to get ready for the riding season. CMC is holding their Spring Brunch on February 21st as well as still holding their Wing Nights on Thursdays approximately once a month. CMMG is confirmed to have a table at the Bond Slave Swap Meet in Portage La Prairie on March 12th.
  • Women’s Riders Council of MCC: Mary reported that they had their meeting on February 7th. Mary mentioned that there are concerns surrounding the negative and sometimes abusive tone of CMMG meetings. It has been agreed that the board will discuss a harassment policy. Mary also brought up that there are concerns around women’s riding apparel and the lack of appropriate sizing that is available at the different retailers. Mary announced that International Female Ride Day coincides with the CMMG Safety Rally and Dealer Derby and that the members were encouraged to participate in the CMMG event as opposed to organizing their own event however it was also mentioned that they could all ride as a group during this event if they so desired. Canadian Women’s Ride Day is July 17th. Manitoba Women’s 6th Fun Ride to be organized. Mary will attend the CMMG Dealer and Club Meeting on Feb. 24th to determine a date that fits the calendar of events. Mary moved that her report be accepted as read and Shawna seconded.

12: New Business

  • Dayna A. did a short presentation of her new embroidery business called Sparkles and Threads. She is looking to be able to customize motorcycle seats as well as leather vests, jackets, and boots. Dayna has a Facebook page and encourages everybody to check it out.
  • Marion Show and Shine will be September 11th this year.
  • Linda asked Brian to discuss “Project Scout” at Headingly Sport. This is a completion among Indian dealers around the world and the information for voting has already been posted at the CMMG website as well as our Facebook page. The voting closes on February 18th.
  • Linda also mentioned that Jill R. is willing to host the CMMG for a General meeting out at Headingly Sport.
  • Brian heard an ad on the radio that was discussing driving while under the influence but it was put out by a federal agency as opposed to MPI.
  • Brian also discussed the fact that SGI has instituted a method of renewing your insurance via your phone and or computer. He asks that anybody who finds out any new information to please bring it to a future meeting.
  • No calls on the link line for the previous month.
  • The question was brought up about the timing of the changes to the insurance rates. Only those that renew after the end of March will receive it this year and the rest will receive it when they renew next year. The concern is that it is not really fair that not everybody gets the decrease at the same time.

14: Upcoming meetings and events

  • Next General meeting will be March 9th
  • Dealer and Club meeting February 24th
  • Board Meeting February 24th
  • March 18-20th World of Wheels
  • TSMVAC Evening at the Horse Races March 12th

15: 50/50 Draw

  • Won by Dave G.

15: Adjournment

  • 8:32 pm Moved by Theo and seconded by Kris


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