CMMG General Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2016

CMMG General Meeting

February 10, 2016
Marion Hotel

1: Call to order

  • Brian called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm

2: Roll call: All CMMG Board members were present at the general meeting.

3: Verify Quorum

  • Quorum Verified

4: Adoption of Agenda

  • Moved by Dave Gibson and seconded by Brenda W.

5: Guests and dignitaries

  • There were 4 guests present: Estelle B., Aliesha D., Jazmyn-Rae D., and Brian U..

6: Adoption of Minutes

  • Ruth-Ann read out the minutes from the previous meeting.
  • Linda brought up the fact that the minutes that Doug read out at the January meeting were in fact the minutes from the November board meeting instead of the general meeting.

  • Doug moved that the minutes be adopted as corrected and Linda seconded.

7: Business arising from minutes

  • Brian has yet to contact HD Winnipeg with regards to having a motorcycle to display at the CMMG booth at World of Wheels.
  • Robyn is working on getting the CMMG the “best spot” at world of wheels.

8: Executive Committee Reports

  • President’s Report: No official report
  • Vice- President’s Report: No Report
  • Treasurer’s Report: Printed report provided at the meeting.
  • Secretary’s Report: No report

10: Director’s Reports

  • Doug H.: Doug reported on the General Stakeholders meeting for MPI on January 15th. The main portion of the meeting focused on the safety awareness programs for the year. This year’s focus will be on male drivers, impairment, distraction, and speed. They want to build up a social media presence and get out to the rural areas more. They also want to look into doing roadside surveys on impairment (the details of which still need to be worked out). They also want to start including bicycle safety training in the schools. Motorcycle safety of course was discussed and will continue as before. MPI has also started a signage campaign at high accident intersections. MPI is also going to be making different statistics available on their website. MPI had scheduled their motorcycle safety campaign slotted for June and Doug suggested that they move it up to May and that MPI should start advertising the training courses starting in March and April. The membership pins have been ordered and Doug showed everybody a sample of what this year’s pin would look like. Doug also took names for volunteers for World of Wheels. Doug also reported an update on the MCC. Doug went through some of the stuff that the MCC has done in the last year in their attempts to make May a national motorcycle safety month. The MCC is still working on the blank posters for this year. Doug will update when new information becomes available. Doug has also received a new order of merchandise and will be putting in another one in the near future.
  • Dave G.: No report
  • Kris G.: No Report
  • Myles O.: No Report

11: Committee Reports

  • Membership: Cheryl is still working on a database that would allow the CMMG to move to a 365 membership as opposed to a 1 year membership.
  • Newsletter: No Report
  • Dealer Liaison: Kris spoke with Mike McComb from Adventure Powersports in Iles De Chaines and Mike has expressed an interest in hosting the CMMG for a General Meeting.
  • Club Liaison: The Tri-Service Veteran’s Group is holding an evening at the Horse Races on March 12th at the ANAVETS #283 out on West Portage ave. The GOC is holding their annual Bud, Spud and Steak fundraiser at Cowboys on March 5th. Most of the clubs are starting to get ready for the riding season. CMC is holding their Spring Brunch on February 21st as well as still holding their Wing Nights on Thursdays approximately once a month. CMMG is confirmed to have a table at the Bond Slave Swap Meet in Portage La Prairie on March 12th.
  • Women’s Riders Council of MCC: Mary reported that they had their meeting on February 7th. Mary mentioned that there are concerns surrounding the negative and sometimes abusive tone of CMMG meetings. It has been agreed that the board will discuss a harassment policy. Mary also brought up that there are concerns around women’s riding apparel and the lack of appropriate sizing that is available at the different retailers. Mary announced that International Female Ride Day coincides with the CMMG Safety Rally and Dealer Derby and that the members were encouraged to participate in the CMMG event as opposed to organizing their own event however it was also mentioned that they could all ride as a group during this event if they so desired. Canadian Women’s Ride Day is July 17th. Manitoba Women’s 6th Fun Ride to be organized. Mary will attend the CMMG Dealer and Club Meeting on Feb. 24th to determine a date that fits the calendar of events. Mary moved that her report be accepted as read and Shawna seconded.

12: New Business

  • Dayna A. did a short presentation of her new embroidery business called Sparkles and Threads. She is looking to be able to customize motorcycle seats as well as leather vests, jackets, and boots. Dayna has a Facebook page and encourages everybody to check it out.
  • Marion Show and Shine will be September 11th this year.
  • Linda asked Brian to discuss “Project Scout” at Headingly Sport. This is a completion among Indian dealers around the world and the information for voting has already been posted at the CMMG website as well as our Facebook page. The voting closes on February 18th.
  • Linda also mentioned that Jill R. is willing to host the CMMG for a General meeting out at Headingly Sport.
  • Brian heard an ad on the radio that was discussing driving while under the influence but it was put out by a federal agency as opposed to MPI.
  • Brian also discussed the fact that SGI has instituted a method of renewing your insurance via your phone and or computer. He asks that anybody who finds out any new information to please bring it to a future meeting.
  • No calls on the link line for the previous month.
  • The question was brought up about the timing of the changes to the insurance rates. Only those that renew after the end of March will receive it this year and the rest will receive it when they renew next year. The concern is that it is not really fair that not everybody gets the decrease at the same time.

14: Upcoming meetings and events

  • Next General meeting will be March 9th
  • Dealer and Club meeting February 24th
  • Board Meeting February 24th
  • March 18-20th World of Wheels
  • TSMVAC Evening at the Horse Races March 12th

15: 50/50 Draw

  • Won by Dave G.

15: Adjournment

  • 8:32 pm Moved by Theo and seconded by Kris


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