CMMG respects our members and visitor’s right to privacy. We collect and use information on the CMMG web site, only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This statement applies solely to the information collected on this web site and not on any site linking to or from this web site. For each visitor to this web site, the web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the users domain or e-mail address. It simply recognizes the users geographical location determined by IP address as well as basic information regarding the users Internet browser. This information is used solely to improve the site to ensure it works as intended for all users. This information is not shared in any way.

Informationwe collect is:

  • used to determine the reach of this site.
  • used to identify the general geographical location of it’s users.
  • used to determine technical aspects of users browsers.
  • never shared with anyone for any other purposes.


This site does not directly use cookies to track or maintain any user information. We rely on third party tracking services to determine visitor statistics such as Google Analytics and Statcounter, as well as server installed stats.

However, the disabling or deleting cookies willnothamper or deter users from viewing this site.


In order to use this web site, visitors are not required to complete any forms, or submit any personal information. If users decide to use the forms offered, the information provided will be used solely to contact the user if required. Information is not sold or used for any other purpose.


CMMG sends out a newsletter to inform all members of the current events, policies, notices and general CMMG information.


CMMG does not send out unsolicited information. If CMMG contacts users it is because we have received a request from said member. CMMG uses email to transmit all information to members, unless otherwise requested. If you feel you were emailed in error, please notify CMMG so we can correct.

If you were expecting an email, but did not get it, please first check your“Junk”or“Bulk”or“Spam”folders to ensure my message did not get moved there accidentally. If it did, please add CMMG to your address book or Whitelist to prevent this in the future. IF no message was received, please call me at the number on the bottom and we will investigate.


If CMMG decides to change this privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement.


This site maintains a small list of links to other web sites. CMMG has no control over any content on these sites and cannot be held responsible for any content found on those sites. However, if anyone finds anything objectionable or malicious on any of these sites, please contact CMMG so we can review and possibly remove offending site. My visitors are important to us and we do not want to tarnish their experience by promoting poor sites.

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