Thanks to CMMG, Motorcyclists will now receive COVID-19 rebates.

CMMG, successfully challenged Manitoba Public Insurance’s (MPI’S) rebate methodology and on May 1st, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) ruled that it would not be just and reasonable to exclude motorcycles from this rebate. The initial $50 million rebate would be available to motorcyclists, based on active policies during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Even though most seasonally adjusted policies in effect all year, MPI argued that they would not be eligible for the additional $60 million as motorcycle policies would not be “active” as of March 15 this year.

CMMG’s lobbying efforts continue in spite of this year’s COVID-19 slowdown. As the above example illustrates, CMMG cannot let the recent events distract us from our primary mission: To promote motorcycle safety and protect the rights of Manitoba motorcyclists by encouraging education, promoting legislative reform, and disseminating information to aid in the continued safe enjoyment of motorcycling.

Last year, the Government of Manitoba introduced Bill 17, The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act. It intends to create a claims dispute tribunal independent of Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), but does not provide for the insured to appear in person before the tribunal and/or to be accompanied by representation or support. This is unfair, and objections have been forwarded to the Minister responsible for MPI, the leader of the opposition and other affected groups, such as the Manitoba Antique Auto Club.

After many years of premium reductions, the last few years have seen increases. Most notably is last year’s 5.1% increase for motorcycles, but reductions for automobiles. We must continue to challenge the discriminatory methodology at the October Public Utilities Board (PUB) Hearings – more increases are expected.

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